Gene Edited Foods Project

This project’s goal is to identify key inducements and impediments to public trust of gene edited foods (GEFs) and their governance. Our project involves an interdisciplinary team of experts from Iowa State University (ISU) and the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF).

This work was funded by USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Social Implications of Emerging Technologies, Grant # 2018-67023-27679

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A recent Iowa State University News Release features Dr. David Peters’ and Dr. Christopher Cummings’ survey findings on public acceptance and trust surrounding GEAF. A key finding is that an individual’s likelihood of eating or avoiding gene-edited foods is largely driven by their social values and how much they trust government, industry, and environmental groups. Click here to read the news release.

On February 28, 2022, the Gene Edited Foods Project team facilitated a participatory deliberative workshop in Washington, D.C. The workshop sought to engage a diverse group of key stakeholders from academia, food and biotech industries, policy institutes, and environmental and consumer NGOs to provide an ‘upstream’ appraisal of our research findings and to highlight key priorities to inform inclusive governance approaches. Our aim was to foster a collaborative and respectful environment where we could deliberate about how best to approach current and future applications and governance of GEAF.

Researchers Dr. Theresa Selfa and Dr. Christopher Cummings were recently interviewed by Scripps National News. They discussed some of the governance and social tensions surrounding gene edited foods. The short video segment can be viewed by clicking here.

Dr. Dave Peters publishes Iowa State University extension article on part 1 of nationwide GEF survey data findings. “Public Awareness and Understanding of Gene Edited Food in the US.”

Dr. Theresa Selfa was awarded a National Science Foundation grant to conduct a cross-country comparison of key stakeholder perceptions related to GEF. Click here to read the project abstract, or click here to read an interview with Dr. Selfa about the project.