Same Difference? The Ethics of Gene-editing for Conventional, Plant-based, and Cell-based Meat Products Presented by Dr. Robert Chiles and Lina Tami-Barrera The purpose of… Read More

“The Media’s Taste for Gene Edited Food” Presented by Dr. Michael Dahlstrom. Research in collaboration with Dr. Christopher L. Cummings, Zhe (Mia) Wang, and Kasey… Read More

“New Products, Old Logics? A Q Method Study on Public Perceptions of Gene Editing and Gene Drives for Agriculture” Presented by Sara Nawaz. Research in… Read More

“Societal Debates About Emerging Genetic Technologies: Toward a Science of Public Engagement” Presented by Dominique Brossard. Researched in collaboration with Dr. Dietram Scheufele and Chris… Read More

Detailed Agenda

Time Session Speakers and Tentative Titles October 20, 2020 (all times North American Central Standard Time) 11:00 AM Central Welcome Remarks   Agenda Overview Carmen… Read More

“What Triggers Regulation of Gene-Edited Crops? A Cross-National Assessment” Presented by Dr. Milind Kandlikar. Researched in collaboration with Sara Nawaz. Researchers have only just begun… Read More

“Non-Safety Dimensions of Gene Editing: How Philosophers Could Help” Presented by Dr. Paul B. Thompson A minor social movement against the previous generation of agricultural… Read More

“The Effects of Information on Consumer Attitudes Toward Gene-edited Foods: A Comparison Between Livestock and Vegetables” Presented by Dr. Naoko Kato-Nitta (Japan). Co-authored with… Read More

“What Can Past Dynamics of Agbiotech Regulation Teach Us about Trans-Atlantic Divergences in Genome Editing?” Presented by Adrian Ely. Co-authored with Beate Friedrich, Dominic Glover,… Read More

“How We Decide Who Benefits from the Potential Contributions of Genome Edited Crops” Presented by Kevin Pixley (Mexico) Genetically engineered (GE) crops have… Read More