• Same Difference? The Ethics of Gene-editing for Conventional, Plant-based, and Cell-based Meat Products Presented by Dr. Robert Chiles and Lina Tami-Barrera The purpose of… Read More

  • “The Media’s Taste for Gene Edited Food” Presented by Dr. Michael Dahlstrom. Research in collaboration with Dr. Christopher L. Cummings, Zhe (Mia) Wang, and Kasey… Read More

  • “New Products, Old Logics? A Q Method Study on Public Perceptions of Gene Editing and Gene Drives for Agriculture” Presented by Sara Nawaz. Research in… Read More

  • “Societal Debates About Emerging Genetic Technologies: Toward a Science of Public Engagement” Presented by Dominique Brossard. Researched in collaboration with Dr. Dietram Scheufele and Chris… Read More

  • Detailed Agenda

    Time Session Speakers and Tentative Titles October 20, 2020 (all times North American Central Standard Time) 11:00 AM Central Welcome Remarks   Agenda Overview Carmen… Read More

  • “What Triggers Regulation of Gene-Edited Crops? A Cross-National Assessment” Presented by Dr. Milind Kandlikar. Researched in collaboration with Sara Nawaz. Researchers have only just begun… Read More

  • “Non-Safety Dimensions of Gene Editing: How Philosophers Could Help” Presented by Dr. Paul B. Thompson A minor social movement against the previous generation of agricultural… Read More

  • “The Effects of Information on Consumer Attitudes Toward Gene-edited Foods: A Comparison Between Livestock and Vegetables” Presented by Dr. Naoko Kato-Nitta (Japan). Co-authored with… Read More

  • “What Can Past Dynamics of Agbiotech Regulation Teach Us about Trans-Atlantic Divergences in Genome Editing?” Presented by Adrian Ely. Co-authored with Beate Friedrich, Dominic Glover,… Read More

  • “How We Decide Who Benefits from the Potential Contributions of Genome Edited Crops” Presented by Kevin Pixley (Mexico) Genetically engineered (GE) crops have… Read More